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Commissioner @MarkSharpeFL hosted this week’s webcast on startups and technology-based economic development in the Tampa Bay area. The usual list of guests discussed what it takes to nurture and attract talent and what tech jobs are in demand. We also had a guest highlight some of the activities planned for the centennial celebration of the first commercial airline flight which originated in Tampa Bay in January of 1914.

The webcast crowd this week included:

@MarkSharpeFL – Commissioner & Chariman of the Hillsborough County Commission
@Fritz_HotSpaces – Fritz Eichelberger, Founder Executive Recruiting
@HillsboroughFL – Stephanie Cvetetic Mgr EDI2 Program –
@Joy_Randels – CEO of NewMarketPartners & local startup ecosystem expert
@StartupMonkey – Product & strategy guru – economic development rabble-rouser