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Hack-a-thons are like a golf driving range for techies.

Building a cool new app is just one of the goals for hosting a hack-a-thon, the real benefit to the region is uncovering and engaging the area’s hidden tech talent. Increasing Tampa Bay’s entrepreneurial and tech “fitness” is crucial to building a strong tech business culture and developing these capabilities is essential for evolving Tampa from a services-dependent economy to one that produces cool new products.

Hillsborough County is stepping up in a big way to help host this event as a part of the broader economic development agenda to make Tampa Bay a more start-up friendly area. The Hack-a-thon is the first of many events that we will see the county help facilitate thanks to a new economic development program (#EDI2) that will help foster tech growth in the Tampa Bay region.

Check out Bill Varian’s story on the hack-a-thon in the Tampa Bay Times.

This is a community sponsored event and we need additional donations to help cover the cost of food and facilities. Please visit the Citizivestor crowdfunding site and drop a few bucks for the cause.

Kickoff – April 12th @5:00PM
Hillsborough Community College – Brandon Campus
Register to Participate @: HackHillsborough