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On the heels of the most recent Google Fiber announcement, this week’s Startup Tampa Bay webcast discussed what makes a region attractive to big tech initiatives.

Echoing previous webcasts was the notion that if you want to build a more sustainable tech ecosystem the entrepreneurs have to lead the discussion. Baby Boomer-based #economicdevelopment is no longer a viable strategy for Florida and refocusing our efforts on the infrastructure that attracts and inspires startup founders is the only hope for creating a sustainable tech ecosystem here in Tampa Bay. The #EDI2  program sponsored by @MarkSharpeFL is a start, but everyone unanimously agreed that it is not up to government to make this a success.

@MarkSharpeFL ‘s guests this week include:
Jordan Raynor from @Citizenvestor
Kyle Mathews of @ModMyi 
Joy Randels of @StartupGrindTB
Heather Kenyon of @TBTF