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There are few if any fond memories from 2020, a year that almost everyone is eager to forget.

While TechNova was looking forward to hosting the annual Ignite last spring and the 13th annual BarCamp Tampa Bay in October, this year had other plans. Ignite ended up being a virtual “Best-of” stream that featured flashbacks on some of our favorite talks and BarCamp had to be canceled completely breaking our streak of consecutive events. While we expect to resume in 2021 and are open to feedback from the community, we will do what makes the most sense to ensure that our events are safe, inclusive, and entertaining.

As soon as we know more and can secure dates and venues, we will start accepting applications to speak at Ignite. And, given what we have all been through this year, we expect to see some wild ideas. In the meantime, make sure you are following all of our social media accounts for updates and opportunities to participate, volunteer, and sponsor.