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This week’s webcast celebrated the successful completion of another StartupBus competition and return of the team from #StartupBusFL which traveled from Tampa to the annual SXSW tech / music fest in Austin.

Joining Commissioner @MarkSharpeFL this week:

Stephanie Ashley @HillsboroughFL #EDI2 program
Taylor Wallace @TayWall
Mitch Neff @MitchNeff
Joy Randels @Joy_Randels
Justin Davis @JWD2A

For more info on the excellent adventure of this year’s team, check out the recap by @TBBJNewsroom reporters Pam Huff @tbbjpam & Eric Snider @tbbjsnider.

Many thanks to Microsoft’s @Windows team, @Dell, and the folks @Airbnb for stepping up and salvaging all the hard work our Florida team put into this year’s trip.