Startup Tampa Bay – BarCamp Edition

This week the Hillsborough County webcast crew traveled to the 6th annual @BarCampTampa for an abbreviated discussion on local startup activity. This was @MarkSharpeFL ‘s second trip to BarCamp and it is clear from his comments that the grass roots tech community has emerged as a recognized contributor to our region’s technology-based economic development plan.

Mark was also featured in a video interview with @TBBJNewsroom business editor @AlexisMuellner . Join us next week when we will be back @BuddyBrewCoffee for a regular Startup Tampa round table video.

Newton’s First Law for Start-ups

With apologies to Sir Isaac …

The first law for start-ups = an idea at rest stays at rest

Whatever your plans are for the next big thing, be it software, hardware, service or other – you cannot just sit on your idea waiting and hoping for something to happen. Ideas are not meant to be static; they have to be worked on, challenged and sometimes scrapped in favor of something better. Some minimal level of activity and momentum are critical to the on-going development and maturity of your idea and all too often I meet wannabe entrepreneurs and potential start-up founders who are frustrated with the lack of interest in their idea only to find that they have not made any effort to move forward since their initial scribble on a napkin.

If you’re not motivated enough to break a sweat trying to test and improve your idea, why should anyone else listen, assist or invest. Show that you care enough to make your idea better and if you are unsure of your next steps or lack the resources to get there, ask for help.

In Tampa / Central Florida there are several places start-ups can turn to for support and encouragement. IdeaField Coworking was created to assist freelancers and entrepreneurs by providing a comfortable, collaborative workspace where ideas can develop and grow. Another resource is STAR Tec’s TEC Launch program which is specifically geared towards innovators and entrepreneurs who want to validate their ideas and create cool new products. On November 6th, TEC Launch is hosting a workshop for anyone that has a good idea and has the motivation to make it better. Only 20 ideas will be accepted for this hands-on workshop, so please submit your IdeaCamp applications ASAP (deadline is October 21st).

Props to Tweeple Twak

Congrats to Josh for his write up on Mashable. Josh did a rant on Twitter use and tracking at the recently completed and highly successful Tampa BarCamp. He made a great case for how better metrics can transform this emerging Web thingee into a usable community building communications platform.

This is nice recognition for this Tampa startup and the great tool Tweeple Twak for tracking metrics in your Twitter community.