Rent-A-Coder Repeats on Inc. 5K

Congrats to the folks over @ Rent-a-Coder for their second listing in Inc. Magazine’s Top 5000 Fastest Growing Companies.

One of the biggest complaints (or excuses) I hear from would-be startup founders is the lack of access to development talent. While I am the first to discourage people from building a prototype or version 1.0 product using remote resources, sometimes local talent just isn’t available.

Remember, if you are relying on outside development, a good product requirements plan and complete product spec are doubly important.

Props to Tweeple Twak

Congrats to Josh for his write up on Mashable. Josh did a rant on Twitter use and tracking at the recently completed and highly successful Tampa BarCamp. He made a great case for how better metrics can transform this emerging Web thingee into a usable community building communications platform.

This is nice recognition for this Tampa startup and the great tool Tweeple Twak for tracking metrics in your Twitter community.