What is Coworking?


Read these great articles, posts and rants about the power of coworking:

Start-Ups Share Space to Shave Costs in Slump – WSJ

The Social Workspace: Coworking – Lifehack

Next phase of working at home: Leaving home – CNN

Coworking: How to work solo, but not alone – Christian Science Monitor

They’re Working on Their Own, Just Side by Side – NY Times

Where the Coffee Shop Meets the Cubicle – BusinessWeek

Coworking resources, blogs, maps, videos and more:

Coworking Wiki

Coworking Google Group


Coworking Community Resources:

Coworking Wiki

Jelly Wiki

Coworking on Google Groups

Coworking on Wikipedia

Local Meetup Page

Tampa’s Weekly Tech Startup Brainstorm @ Cafe Hey


Coworking Savvy Cities:

There are 50+ coworking facilities around the US and more popping up world wide every month. Here is a short list of Coworking locations that we envy.

For more sites around the world, visit this mega directory of coworking spaces, supporters and organizers.

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