What is Coworking?

Read these great articles, posts, and rants about the power of coworking:

Coworking defined РThe Coworker Lab

Start-Ups Share Space to Shave Costs in Slump – WSJ

The Social Workspace: Coworking – Lifehack

Next phase of working at home: Leaving home – CNN

Coworking: How to work solo, but not alone – Christian Science Monitor

They’re Working on Their Own, Just Side by Side – NY Times

Where the Coffee Shop Meets the Cubicle – BusinessWeek

Coworking resources, blogs, maps, videos and more:

Coworking Wiki

Coworking Google Group


Coworking Community Resources:

Coworking Wiki

Jelly Wiki

Coworking on Google Groups

Coworking on Wikipedia

Local Meetup Page

Tampa’s Weekly Tech Startup Brainstorm @ Cafe Hey


Coworking Savvy Cities:

There are hundreds of coworking facilities around the US and more popping up worldwide every month.

For sites around the world, visit this mega directory of coworking spaces, supporters, and organizers.

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