VC Blogs – Subscribers vs. Substance

The Eric Schoenfled TechCrunch article on Top VC Blogs got a fair amount of play on Twitter last week, but the background for this post originates on Larry Cheng’s site where there is a much more comprehensive listing of 100+ VC Bloggers (ranked by number of subscribers).

The posts on these blogs range from superficial insight and self-promotion to deep dive management advice and personal insight into the strategies, challenges and pitfalls of early stage tech ventures. Don’t be mislead by the rankings, sometimes the large following is due more to star-power or volume of posts and not quality of content. Continue reading VC Blogs – Subscribers vs. Substance

New Coworking Video from BlankSpaces in LA

The folks at BLANKSPACES have done it again. A simple yet elegant commercial explaining the power of Coworking.

Fill in the BLANK from BLANKSPACES on Vimeo.

You guys rock!

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Tech Jam – A party w/ a purpose, but no soul

Last night was the was sixth TBTF Tech Jam that I have attended since I moved to Tampa and while I thoroughly enjoyed the first three, I can safely say that each of the last three years have progressively gotten more disappointing. Let me say first that I have nothing but the greatest respect for the TBTF Foundation, I appreciate and support the great work it has done in providing opportunities, equipment and scholarships to local youth in need. Unfortunately, the desire to make the event exponentially bigger and better is killing the community’s interest and the personal involvement that made this annual fundraiser matter. Continue reading Tech Jam – A party w/ a purpose, but no soul