Startup Tampa Bay – Jan. 10th

Several new faces joined this week’s Startup Tampa Bay webcast @BuddyBrewCoffee to talk about recent activity in Tampa’s tech ecosystem. A major feature of this webcast was Tampa Hackerspace and their Kickstarter campaign to outfit their work space with the resources they need to teach a broad range of hands-on technical classes.

As usual, the group discussed how talent is the key to building a sustainable and competitive economic landscape in the region and how we need to balance our economic development programs to be more focused on creating products and not just filling jobs.

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Annual Coworking Survey

The deskmag¬†4th Annual Global Coworking Survey is ending soon. More than 1,600 people already took part in this survey. Now it’s your chance to be heard.¬†The survey aims to understand various facets of the coworking movement. The main results will be shared for free in a series of articles. The survey is open for everyone and can be taken by coworkers, non-coworkers, and space operators alike.

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Startup Tampa Bay – Nov. 15th

I guest hosted this week’s Startup Tampa Bay webcast while Commissioner @MarkSharpeFL was off making the rounds at various economic development events around the area including a FLENG summit on the use of automated vehicles.

This week’s discussion focused on the many events scheduled for Tampa Bay’s participation in Kauffman’s Global Entrepreneurship Week. We also welcomed the President of Tampa-based startup Karbon Arms, Matt Pliskin to the discussion.