BarCamp Tampa Bay – Nov. 10th


The 11th annual BarCamp Tampa Bay will be Saturday, Nov. 10th at the University Mall (west end) – 2200 E. Fowler Ave. Tampa, FL 33612

Store #2127 – Where Spirit Halloween Store was located in University Mall

If you’ve attended or spoken and past BarCamps, you get it. So check the box, save the date, and RSVP at the Ticketing link. Don’t forget to comment below and tell people what you love about BarCamp, the sessions, the people you meet, the ideas that have turned into products and companies, or something else.

If you’ve never attended a BarCamp, you are in for a treat. Join us for a day-long unconference of collaboration and peer-to-peer tech education. It is free to attend, we feed you, give you a cool t-shirt, and immerse your brain in all things tech.

RSVP now at:

Visit for more info and follow us on Twitter @BarCampTampa

So Get your Geek on, bring a friend and we will see you on Saturday, Nov. 10th!

Channel Sales – Not a Silver Bullet

The lure of distribution partners is a very costly, bright shiny object for a startup tech company. I see channels treated as a silver bullet sales option far too frequently and saddened that this advice often comes from mentors and investors who don’t understand the fundamentals of early-stage tech adoption. I’ve been preaching the demand-first then distribution approach for longer than I care to remember and this Andreessen Horowitz podcast on B2B2C nails it. Startup founders that think they can jump the queue and proceed directly to a partner sales model should rethink their go-to-market.

a16z Podcast: B2B2C